The Remote Detector series of devices provide real-time scale and encoder analytics to detect failures before they happen. The RD is designed to be permanently installed in-line between the incremental scale and CNC control, allowing for real-time analysis of scale conditions. Performance data, alerts, and event information are transmitted using encrypted TCP/IP protocol over standard Ethernet to the MERIDIAN Cloud Service. Use of a Remote Detector is synonymous with having a trained technician watching your feedback system 24/7/365.

RD 1xxx

The RD 1xxx series of Remote Detectors are designed for harsh environments. The cast aluminum case and all connectors are IP65 rated so these units can be installed anywhere you need. Power for the digitizing electronics is provided through the standard M12 Ethernet connector using PoE (Power Over Ethernet). Installation is as easy as plug-n-play

RD 2xxx

The RD 2xxx series of Remote Detectors are designed to be installed inside the control cabinet. The ABS plastic case features an integrated standard DIN rail mount for easy installation alongside other control modules. Power for the digitizing electronics is provided through 12v-60v DC power. Integrated multicolor status LEDs quickly show scale and power conditions at a glance. Installation is as easy as plug-n-play.

GW 1xxx

The GW 1xxx is a Data Acquisition Server & Gateway which collects data from a network of Remote Detectors, and stores the results in an internal, non-volatile database. The data can be displayed locally in real-time on a connect-ed monitor, sent to the MERIDIAN Cloud, or collected later via MTConnect®.