Reduce Downtime

Reduce Scrap

Increase Productivity

Intelligent Waveform Analysis Engine

Cloud Based or Air Gapped Monitoring

Rapid Response Time

Remote Detector ( RD 1xxx & 2xxx )

The Remote Detector series of devices are designed to be permanently installed in-line between the incremental scale and the control, allowing for real-time analysis of scale conditions. Performance data and event information are transmitted using encrypted TCP/IP protocol over standard Ethernet to the Meridian Cloud Service. Use of a Remote Detector is synonymous with having a trained technician watching your feedback system 24/7/365.

Signal Adapter (SA 1xxx)

The SA 1xxx series of adapters are designed to interface 11μApp and 1Vpp incremental signals to TTL digital readout systems. Featuring a male D15 input and a male D9 output connector, the SA quickly installs in-line between the measuring device and the display. With ten available interpolation factors, the SA can provide high-resolution TTL to the display even when using a low resolution measuring device such as a tape scale.